Goodies for the garden

Hubby and I popped over to Longacres today (I know, someone needs to seriously stop this addiction right?) to pick up an 8' pool for the girls for the garden, and have a browse around.  I wanted a string of solar lights to put up in the garden so we wandered over to that section first.  There was such a variety it was hard to decide!  I ended up opting for a string of large bulb lights and also a set of 4 round orb style ones (which were a bargain at 4 for £10). I know, I only came in to collect the pool.

Spot the lights (I'll take one at night too)

The reason for the lights is that we've decided to make more use of the garden in the summer evenings.  No more sitting in front of the telly but more sitting outside chatting in a kind of continental, social fashion. 

We then decided to look around for something for hubby's mum's 85th birthday which is coming up on Friday of this week.  We normally buy plants or flowers but I suggested that as they have just had a new patio laid, it might be nice to get something for this.  I quite like clock/barometers like this one but hubby wasn't sure she'd be chuffed with a clock.  So....I ended up buying this for us (£9.99).  Doesn't it look smart on the wall. I love the fact that it's kind of rustic and worn looking already.  Ideal for the garden.

So, having purchased a garden clock we didn't come in for (either), we then looked at some of the other solar items. I loved this owl and, despite walking all round again, hubby then said that he also thought the owl would be lovely.  His mum likes to sit on a bench seat outside their patio doors and I think this owl would make a lovely addition to their patio, sitting next to her.  He's a smart solar owl and you can choose white or coloured light for him, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he's like at night.

I now want one of these but hubby wouldn't let me back into the shop to buy one. Don't fret though, I'll sneak back when he's at work *grin*.  However, whilst we were still in the shop, I went to look at the Fairyland area again. It's been restocked and looks really sweet.  The prices of these little ornaments are such good value.

It's the girls first day back at school today so I decided to get them a little surprise for when they got home.  They both have a fairy dust container which contains a little scroll that they can write their wish on. I'm a bit concerned that it says the wishes will come true!  I'm hoping that my girls write something simple like "I'd like a ham sandwich in my lunchbox tomorrow" or "I'd like a Magnum lolly for my pudding on Friday".   Here's hoping...  I also got them a little fairy necklace each as well.

Off we strolled to the car and I was about to get in to drive off when hubby suggested we actually pick up what we came for.  DOH!  Yes, the pool and cover. It's currently being filled in the garden, which will take a while as it's 8' and 30" deep.  Gives us a good excuse to sit in the sunshine and keep an eye on it filling.  


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