Imperial War Museum - Mum's drawings

Today I popped up to the Imperial War Museum in London to meet with a senior curator who was interested in some of my mother's items.  She was a child in Austria during WWII and my family had a collection of pictures that she drew during that time.  They ranged from sketches, letter formation, Mother's Day pictures right through to images that are highly reflective of what was happening in Germany at the time.

The senior curator went through each one, looking at them on both sides (some had drawings on the back as well) and also looked at some school books that we had.  I'm delighted to say he took all the items.  My sister and I (who owned them) were delighted that they were going to be held by the museum.  Most of interest will be digitised for viewing on the website but the originals may be displayed as appropriate.  Some I have scanned and are available on my WWII Website.

Thank you Imperial War Museum.


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