Slimming World - to carry on or to give up?

I've been doing Slimming World since the beginning of September 2015.  My weight loss has gone well until Christmas time.  I seem to have plateaued since then and from December until now, I have put on 2lbs, lost 1lb, lost 1/2lb, put on 1 1/2lbs, lost get where I'm coming from. I have around a stone to go (I say around as it depends whether I'm + or - the 2lbs in any given week) and it seems that I just can't lose any more. I know, deep down, that's rubbish and clearly I can but I'm just not sure how.  I don't eat badly but I do very little exercise (unless you count walking to the school and back) due to my research.  I know that's due to change once I submit my thesis but in the meantime, I sit at a PC nearly all day.  Awful really.  

The consequence of staying at the weight I am now is that I've lost a lot of the interest I had in going to Slimming World.  Don't get me wrong, I've lost 2 stone (well, nearly given the plus and minus weeks!) and that's fantastic. My figure is 10 times better than it was last year and my health has improved (I don't take my asthma inhaler anything like as much) and I'm not so tired anymore.  Lugging around that extra 2 stone was hard work!  It's just that I'm frustrated that I can't shift this last stone.  I felt like giving up.

Then I looked at a picture of me last year just before I began my SW journey (and the picture that actually prompted me to sign up) and one from last month when we were on holiday.  It gave me the motivation to carry on.  Here are the two photos.

I never, ever, want to go back to that person on the left, trying to hide my fat behind one of my children.  I love being the person on the right who can wear a nice summer dress without lumps and bumps sticking out everywhere and having to keep reminding myself to try and suck my stomach in.

I think I may pin the pictures onto my fridge!  So, I'm going to keep going and I will lose that final stone.  Watch this space.


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