Solar garden lights

Last night I took a few pictures of the solar lights we bought from Longacres yesterday.  My favourite is the owl (and hubby's as well). You can set it to colour or white and I think the colour changing is fabulous. It's indoors as it's a present (but we had to try it out).  I'm going to get one myself as I just love it!  See, hubby should have let me go back into the shop *grin*

The string lights I put up on one of the shrubs also look really nice. I was watching them every now and again as dusk was falling and suddenly they popped on.  They lasted all night (as did the owl).  I couldn't get too close to the string lights to get a picture as our security light kept coming on and turning them off.

We had a minor 'problem' with the ball lights in the plant pots.  We noticed all the other lights came on but they did not.  Really odd. Surely we couldn't have 4 broken ones?  It was perplexing. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with them, but they wouldn't work.  Hubby asked if there were any instructions. I said not.  Then I realised that there were 'white things' around the stem of each of the lights as I'd unpacked them.  Had I bothered to look at them?  Nope!  Were they instructions?  Possibly....  So, I ended up having to look them up online, with hubby grumbling beside me pulling them apart (after he'd gone through the recycling bin to see if he could find said white things).  Yes, there's a 'tab' that you have to remove before they work.  Tab pulled. Hey presto! Light!  Even more embarrassing (please don't tell anyone I told you this), I had put them into the plant pots wondering why the stem had a blunt end.  It didn't. The spike was turned round inside the stem for packaging and you were supposed to take it out and put it on the right way around before you put them in the ground...clearly.  Must have been written on those bits of paper again...

I'm really pleased with the lights and hubby suggested we get some more.  Where are my car keys?


  1. Liz Constenantious7 June 2016 at 19:06

    OMG! I love the owl too! I've got to have oen of those.

  2. I hope Longacres have a huge stock of owls as I need one of those as well. Most solar light ornaments are pretty poor but that is amazing.

  3. Great blog piece. That really made me laugh :)

  4. Me 3 for an owl!

  5. Very pretty. It's good to make the most of being outdoors. Looks like your garden is coming on very nicely.

  6. Stunning owl.


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