Turf and Fairies

Popped over to Longacres today to collect some turf that we ordered. Unfortunately hubby hadn't read the instructions on some lawn weed-killer properly and ended up killing the grass and not just the weeds!  Men and instructions.....  Naturally, whilst there, I had a walk around too and picked up a few bits and pieces.

After purchasing the garden essentials I needed, I went to have a look at their Fairy Garden and Miniature World sections to get something for the girls.  S had received a fairy garden as a Christmas present from her aunt and she was keen to get it planted. I therefore wanted to find a fairy for her.  She loves purple so here's what she got. Isn't she cute?

Naturally, it would be more than my life is worth to turn up with something for S and not get N something as well.  As pink is her favourite colour, I opted for this lovely pink fairy with unicorn.

Both girls were delighted with their presents.  This was part of the Fairy Garden range at Longacres and the items are gorgeous and really well priced.  S's purple fairy was £4.99 and N's unicorn and fairy was £3.49. I loved the little fairy doors as well which are £14.99 so maybe a little expensive but could be a magical addition to the garden for young girls. 

I'm off back there on Monday as they were just unpacking all their Fairy Garden bits when I arrived so I need to have a proper look...for the girls of course *grin*.

The miniature world is a little more expensive and I think aimed more at adults.  There were some really sweet things here also that I'm sure would mix and match with the Fairy Garden pieces.  I particularly liked this Toadstool House which was £20.49 so I'll have to see if it would fit with S's fairy garden planter.

The other thing that caught my eye was this burrow door.  Is it just me or should a Hobbit be living behind that? It's only £5.99 so I may have to pop it somewhere in the garden for the girls to find.
I'm also really pleased I bought a watering system recently (see this blog post).  It kept all my pots and hanging basket healthy whilst we were away (and saved our neighbours having to water the lot for us as well!).  The flowers are really coming on and it's looking very summery - even if the weather is letting us all down.

I'd better be off and supervise the turf laying!


  1. Those fairies are so sweet and what a lovely size for the price! I've been looking for something like this for my DD and the door for the garden looks perfect. Best make a trip to that garden centre then (is it the Bagshot one as they seem to have a few?).

    1. Yes, it's the Bagshot centre. Sorry! :)


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