We've got cauliflowers!

I'm probably slighly over-excited by the fact that we have grown our very own cauliflowers.  Here's a picture of one of them.  Yes, yes, I know it's small but at least it's growing.

See.  Great isn't it!  The girls were really pleased this morning to see it.  They love looking at how their vegetables are coming along. We've been hit by slugs and snails unfortunately so some of our plants are no more than sticks with all the leaves eaten off. Slug pellet time.

Today we also had a new visitor to the garden. I'd just refilled the peanuts for the birds when this little chap appeared. The girls were fascinated by him. He scampers up, takes a bit of peanut and disappears.

Seems he's nibbled through the wire to get the nuts out.  So our feeder is squirrel proof but not mouse proof.


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