Ever dated a Narcissist?

I have.  May I just say he was probably more of a sociopath - or as I like to refer to him - 'the prat'.  Gladly it was only for a few months of my life when I was somewhat younger.  Funnily enough I stumbled across this article on Facebook today and have to say it made for a jolly good read (and now, a jolly good laugh).  I remember many conversations like this:

Me: "I said I would probably not make that."
He: "You said possibly, not probably.  They are two different things."

If you've ever met one of these people, have a read.  A book I recommend is Emotional Vampires by Albert Bernstein. It's caught the eye of lots of friends on my bookshelf and nearly every, single one of them knows one of these people.  I'm pretty sure you'll know at least one of them too!


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