I've heard a lot about FitBit but I was a little sceptical that wearing a little watch type thing that monitored my steps would actually encourage me to do any more.  However, having hit a hiatus in my weight loss with Slimming World (I can't lose that last damn 13lb), it occurred to me that this may be due to not exercising enough (the joys of being a PhD student - chained to the desk!).  I thought about this for about...well, 10 minutes or so, and then decided to get myself a FitBit and join the craze.  

My first dilemma was which one to buy?  It seemed logical to me that if I'm wearing it a lot, having a watch feature would be a huge benefit.  I also liked the idea of a heart-rate monitor (especially as my heart-rate had been a bit high, along with my blood pressure a few months ago).  Another feature that caught my eye was a sleep monitor.  I always feel like it takes me ages to get to sleep so it would be interesting to see how much I do fidget (and not just take hubby's word for it!).  The logical choice then was the Charge HR.  I decided to purchase my FitBit from Amazon as I am a student and get money off my purchases.  See, proper student mentality - why pay full price when you can pay less?!  I also would get it the next day (yep, Amazon Prime Student too!).  I chose a lovely purple one.  May as well have a bit of colour right?

It arrived the next day whilst I was at work. I couldn't wait to get home and try it out.  I went for a small strap (FitBit kindly provide a cut out paper version to check your wrist size on their website) and it was a perfect fit.  What do I think of it?  I love it!  Do you know what...I did some Zumba the first night to try it out. It recognised aerobic exercise and recorded it for me.  How clever is that?  I've also tried to fool it by sitting in a chair pretending I'm walking to see if it would pick it up - nope, it's not that easily fooled (although a friend told me that a drummer friend of hers has one and it keeps telling him he's done his 10,000 steps for one drumming session).  

Has it inspired me?  Yes.  I am the woman who doesn't own a pair of trainers (well, a pair I bought for £5 from eBay (yes including P&P) just for my Airkix flight but wouldn't be seen dead in again) and yesterday I went to a sports shop (good grief!) and bought myself some pink Nike trainers.  I know. You're wondering why pink aren't you?  Student remember....they were in the sale *grin*.  Hey, they almost match my FitBit...almost.   I haven't worn them yet as I was at work today but I intend to over the weekend.  

I'm spurred on to walk around the lounge if I've not done my 10,000 steps a day but it was only the day I got the FitBit (so far) that I didn't manage that.  I've also joined up with friends for weekend challenges and just seeing what we're all doing.  Clever stuff this.  I download my stats onto my mobile phone once a day.  It's very illuminating I can tell you.  So, FitBit, you've done your job and inspired me.  My husband is now thinking about buying one as well.


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