Getting fitter with my Fitbit

Today I walked just over 3 miles. Gradually my mileage is increasing which is great. My calf muscles do burn a lot when I start though.  I'm assuming this is a good thing.  I like to start my day with a good few thousand steps on my Fitbit.

The other great thing the Fitbit does for me is monitor my resting heart-rate.  I had some issues with high blood pressure and my pulse being around 160/90.  Not good.  Exercise was suggested by my doctor as a good way to reduce that.  However, being a PhD student means that I am rather tied to my desk and used to dislike 'wasting time' going for a walk.  Having the Fitbit has stopped that mood.  I've seen my resting heart-rate steadily decline from a shocking 82bpm when I first got my Fitbit, to now being around 76bpm. Bearing in mind I've only had the Fitbit a few weeks, that's a serious improvement and takes me out of the danger zone.  I'm looking forward to seeing it go down even further.

I do like to get to my 10,000 steps every day and also hit my floor climbing and mileage targets.  I've even found I'm marching on the spot in front of the TV if I've not hit my step target for the day (although this is now becoming quite rare).

I'm sure that as well as getting me healthier, having my Fitbit also means that I will shift the last bit of weight I want to lose to hit my goal at Slimming World. That's got to be a great thing.


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