Planting in the garden...and a tiger...

...and a giraffe.  I know. The things you can buy at a garden centre now is amazing *grin*. My trolley was a little fuller than I expected.

I popped down to Longacres this weekend to collect some new plants to scatter around the garden.  We've had to cut down a shrub we lovingly referred to as 'the bumblebee bush' as it died. No idea why but one half died off about 5 years ago and now, suddenly, the other side has.  I've wound a passion flower around the large 'trunk' that it left and that's now taken off big time (much to do with the constant sun and rain we're experiencing I suspect).

I also cleared away a little area near our drive which basically was full of 'hedge' type shrubs. I've planted a selection of flowers here to grow and fill the space.  I then realised I had some more of the watering system parts left and set that up here as well.  I love these self-watering gardens!

I bought this gorgeous hanging basket from Longacres as well.  It didn't seem worth the effort of making one up when I got this for £9.99.  The flowers look lovely (and yes, it's also attached to my watering system).

The pots are blooming well also so we're getting some real colour in the front garden, as well as the back now too.  I just wish we had some sunshine to sit out there.  Come on summer - hurry up!


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