Pokemon Go comes to RHS Wisley

I know. I could hardly believe it either.  But it's true.  Pokemon Go has come to Wisley (2 gyms and lots of Pokestops).

The girls and I went for a lovely walk around Wisley gardens today. They have a space theme happening and although the girls picked up their 'Captain's Log' books, they decided to take a different route around the gardens so we didn't actually do that this time.  Next time we'll go look for the clues. 



S, me, teen and N
There is also a nice sculpture trail featuring lots of birds.  Some were stunning and I'd love them in my garden...if I had a spare few thousand pounds!

I did love this but sadly was just short of the £24,000 it costs. Must have left my loose change at home.

We stopped by the Glasshouse Cafe for an ice cream which was gorgeous.  They now have a 'Mr Whippy' style ice cream offering but it's so much thicker and richer than you'd get in an ice cream van. Delish!  It was then that teen and I decided to just glance and see if Pokemon had invaded Wisley.  We were shocked to find it had! There were 2 red gyms there (at the time of writing this) and numerous Pokestops around the place.  In fact, you could top up your items quite nicely as you walked around.  Good for me as I'd run out of Pokeballs due to a game glitch (68 one day, 8 the next, used 2 and ended up with 0 - go figure. Glad I never was daft enough to buy them!).

Huge pinecone (area fenced off in case one fell on your head!)

Ice cream time



The weather was nice today for walking around.  Not too hot (although there is always shade at Wisley) and a nice breeze.  Not too busy for the start of school holidays either.  We'll be back next week.


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