Pokemon Go

Ok, so I'm a tad over my teens but even I couldn't resist looking at what Pokemon Go was all about.  I added the app at work yesterday as the UK version was released, and away I went.  My first Pokemon popped up right at my desk - in university!  Wow!  I'm not an accomplished catcher so it took me about 6 Pokeballs to get it, but got it I did.

It seems there are quite a few Pokestops at Royal Holloway.  I spotted one by the Boiler House and picked up some Pokeballs outside the Computer Centre on my way back to the car park. It is graduation week at university, and quite a few of us noticed that the graduates were also wandering around with their phones on picking up Pokemon.  

Today I went out for a walk (my usual Fitbit meander) and picked up 8 Pokemon on my way.  Near where I live we have a Gym right beside the lake and The Royal Oak pub in Knaphill is another Pokestop.  Awesome.  One even popped up by my filing cabinet!

Only problem I had?  Nearly getting run over by a guy on a bike cycling round the lake, staring at his phone - not where he was going. Glad one of us noticed!

Gotta catch 'em all!


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