Star Trek Beyond

Hubby and I went on a 'date night' today to see Star Trek Beyond in 3D. I've not seen a 3D film at the cinema before so was really looking forward to it.  Surprised that cinema itself was almost empty considering the film had only been released yesterday (admittedly without J.J. Abrams at the helm).  "I like the beat and shouting".

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Great action scenes but a wee bit slow on the planet for my liking.  I'm much fonder of them boldly going, than boldly running around on terra firma.  The final action scenes were also really good. There were some real laugh out loud moments that the audience (of about 20) really enjoyed (had everyone else gone to the 2D screening?) and I, personally, loved the fact they wore the old uniforms at the end.

I was surprised to hear that Idris Elba was the best baddie there has been in a Star Trek film.  Not in my opinion...not even close!  

Unfortunately for nights out with hubby, this will be the first and last 3D film we'll see together as unfortunately the whole thing gave him a headache (I thought he had fallen asleep at one point as his head was down towards his chest, but the poor man was just suffering).


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