Veg for dinner

We picked the veg from the veg bed last week.  Nice little crop.  Unfortunately, we have adventurous slugs and snails that suddenly seemed spurred on to climb the veg bed, and nearly everything was eaten over a few days of not going in the garden due to the rain/sun/rain/wind/sun/rain that we were having.  Next year all my plants will be surrounded by the 'ring of blue death'!

Regardless of losing more than we grew, the girls were delighted with our first crop.  They particularly loved the fat carrots (can't remember their proper name but 'fat carrot' is a good one).  We've still got the tomato plants growing with the tiniest little tomatoes on them at the moment.  One chilli plant was eaten away completely, but the other is still there but...well, it's just not grown at all.  Go figure.

There is intense excitement about the potato (yes, I only planted the one) so we'll leave that a bit longer.  I'm off to Longacres on Sunday so I'm planning to pick up some more growing veg or fruits to plant in the veg bed...and a bloody huge tub of slug/snail pellets too!


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