Wednesday, 17 August 2016

An eyeful on eBay!

...and I was only looking for some sports tops and shorts/leggings!  I have been going out every day now for a 3 or 4 mile walk to help improve my fitness. I'm loving it but I've decided I need to look the part.  Currently I'm walking around in FitFlops, M&S shorts and a Boden top.  Very athletic I'm sure you will agree *grin*  So I've decided now that I am fit enough to look like I'm keeping fit (follow that?) that I need some proper sports wear.  I had a look at Debenhams (not much there), Amazon (Mmmm....), JB Sports (how much?) and finally eBay.  There I struck gold for what I was looking for.

She's never lifting 60kg!
There was one side to searching eBay that didn't occur on other sites though.  I began to wonder, particularly during the 'shorts' search, what these ladies were really selling!  I mean really?  One of them is even laying in bed so hardly much of an advert for 'sports shorts' is it!  She's clearly bought them 6 sizes too small as well!

Oi! You've bought the wrong size again.
I recall a similar sight when looking for some bras (see this blog piece).  Do you think women actually buy these?  I've never seen anyone down a gym looking like that.  Have you?

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  1. OMG! Could you imagine wearing that to the gym! Looks ridiculous. Think you may be onto some fetish thing (loved your other post too, really made me laugh).