Countdown to submission

I'm in the last month or so of doing my research.  I'm working through my thesis at the moment to ensure the literature review is up to date, no spelling or grammatical errors have shown up, and all sections link well.  It's not an easy job I have to tell you.

My little ol' thesis printed double sided

As much as I have loved doing the research, I've got to the stage that no-one much mentions. It's the "I just want it over with and out of my sight" stage.  This is not something that is much discussed when you turn up at university, all excited about the project your are about to embark on.  Understandable I suppose. I also never found out much about the 'hitting the wall' stage. This happened to me last year when for a period of about 6 weeks. I honestly couldn't focus on my thesis at all. Everything I had written looked so poor when I read it that I really thought I wasn't capable of finishing it off.  I'm pleased to say that period passed and suddenly I was back on it. My supervisor was brilliant in encouraging me to just 'relax' during that stage and not try to write.  A complete break was his suggestion and he was so right.

So, I'm counting down the time until I officially submit my thesis.  In the meantime I have a conference to attend and a paper to revise.  Who said this was going to be a quiet time!


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