Cycling and The Jungle Book

My 7 year old encouraged me to go out cycling with her today.  Her little sis was at a friends for a play date so the two of us went out.  We've just bought her a new (2nd hand) bike and she loves it.  It's a great size with 17" wheels and has a kind of BMX feel to it. She thinks it's the bees-knees.  So she and I (with my gel saddle cover as my poor bottom still feels the pain of every bump) headed off. Just a few laps of our local lake and football pitches. We even stopped for an ice cream.  She's a smashing little rider and good company.  Shame we can't encourage her little sis to ride a  bit more - she's definitely a scooter girl.

In the evening we three girls curled up together to watch the new Jungle Book film. Wow!  It was amazing. How did they do that?  Look at the markings on the animals.  The girls wondered if they trained the panther and the wolves.  It almost had me questioning it!  If you've not seen it, it's worth a watch.  Not the ending you know from the original one and a bit scary in places for little ones.


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