Getting fitter

I'm pleased to say I'm definitely getting fitter since having my FitBit. It's really inspired me and I get annoyed when I don't do my daily step amount - which has happened a couple of times due to being totally engrossed in my research!

I'm trying to walk 3 miles per day.  This is my time to relax and listen to some music (or catch some Pokemon).  My resting heart rate has come down so much since I started doing this.  I'm definitely feeling the benefits, and as I use MapMyWalk to record my exercise, my times have also decreased...well, until I get to the Pokestops and start catching Pokemon of course *grin*

As a side throught - all that advertising by the Government to get us all fit and what does it for a a bunch of youngsters (and old-sters) in one fell stroke? Pokemon Go!  Priceless.


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