New mattress

Don't they say you need a new mattress every 8 years or something? I honestly can't remember when we got ours but what I know is this - it's bloody uncomfortable!  In fact, it's got so bad that a solid nights' sleep in it means you have chronic backache in the morning.  Hubby prefers the sofa. I prefer the floor. That tells you what it's like.  So, why then has it taken so long for us to get a new one? I can't answer that other than, as parents, we tend to come bottom of the list for things that are needed. I know, it's not exactly a fortune for a new mattress (well, it is if you see some of them) but it's been one of those 'let's buy it next month' things for about...err...4 years I guess.  

Another comfy night?

Today, aching neck and back and finding hubby on the sofa again was the last straw.  Dreams advert appeared on TV and I headed to the laptop to pick up a new mattress. It arrives Thursday. Hooray! We've done it. 

One thing that surprised me was this. I've paid £39 to have the old mattress removed.  Fair enough. But to have my mattress delivered to anywhere but my front door is another £39.  Surely, if the delivery men are coming into my house to pick up my old mattress from - surprise, surprise - the bedroom, they could carry the new one up? I won't be bringing my old mattress down on my own to the front door for them to take.  What an odd thing to ask for more money for.  So, when they arrive, they can either leave the new mattress at the front door, go upstairs and get the old one, then squeeze past the new one to get out, or they can take the new one up with them.  I wonder what they will do?


  1. It's a pain, literally when the mattress starts to show it's age. The wife and I finally decided to get a new mattress, at my urging. Seems my side of the bed was beginning to sink in a bit and my back was killing me. I wasn't to happy to learn I had to cart the old mattress away myself. So I feel your pain.


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