Cake, more cake and meat

The girls and I popped over to Longacres today as my hubby absolutely loves the lemon drizzle cake that they have there.  It seems nowhere else is comparable so, as I'm away at a conference this weekend (boo...first time away without him and the girls since we met!), I thought I'd buy a few bits to keep the three of them happy whilst I was away.


N's choice was lemon drizzle cake (and a cupcake she couldn't resist) and S chose a Victoria sponge. Both are yummy - well, I had to try a piece of each for quality testing you understand.

I decided to get some meat from Bevans Butchers.  I love the idea that they have pre-marinated foods there so I chose some gorgeous looking lamb skewers in a Mediterranean sauce and some fresh chicken goujons for the girls.  That's dinner for the 3 of them sorted tomorrow then.  I liked how Bevans bag their foods with a little machine that seals around the edge of the 'paper' they use.  Not seen that before.

I did resist one thing though.  The girls wanted one of those round 'huts' that are outside with the dining set, lights and heater in. With the cheapest being around £5k, I said no to that one (if I hadn't, my bank would have anyway).  I also managed to say no to this swing seat...although I do like it and it is a bargain.  Perhaps I'll chat to hubby about it after he's had his yummy lamb?


  1. Your girls look very happy with their cakes :)

  2. Such nice pictures to go with your blog. I think you should buy that swing seat ;)


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