We're decorating the lounge as our new suite arrives on Monday - hooray!  We sold our old three-piece suite within 1 day of advertising it and have been sitting on garden chairs ever since (around three weeks). Fortunately they are nice garden chairs with big cushions but even so, we can't wait to get our new suite.

Today hubby was painting the walls whilst I was trying to work out how the spaghetti of cables behind the TV would work if we moved said appliance to another wall.  Sadly, it looks like we can'nay do it, we're going to need more cable Jim (Star Trek reference).  Of course when we had our Sky box installed, it seemed unnecessary to have a spare 3-4 metres of cable behind the TV so the installers cut it off so it fitted nicely.  Thus, we need more cable (hubby's job for tomorrow along with painting the last two walls).

I'm really looking forward to having more space in the lounge, even though we've ordered a corner unit. I've replaced 3 Argos DVD/CD shelves with a new bookcase from John Lewis to match the one we already have.  As you've gathered, they aren't for books.  The girls are really excited about the 'love seat' swivel chair we're getting. There may be a fight over who sits which side.


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