Spring bulbs,wine and...Halloween?

The teen and I headed down to Longacres today to pick up some spring bulbs. I know, summer is just about over (so the weather tells me when I look out of the window) so I thought it would be nice to prep the flower pots for spring.  Some of my summer plants are dying off a bit already which is a shame.

As usual, there was so much variety I thought it would be a tough choice but then the teen said "Look mum, flowers the colour of my soul" holding these up. Decision made.  I got three different colour packs of these.  I have to say that I'll be curious about how black they look when they come up.  I've never had black flowers before.

It seems that Longacres is totally ready for Halloween as well. They have some pretty creepy displays there that you can put outside your house.  I may even have to get something more for our house.  I normally go crazy with just a pumpkin *grin*.

As you can see, I also spotted the ideal wine glass for my sister (sorry Kate!) LOL.  Gives a new meaning to 'just the one' doesn't it.


  1. Now THAT is a wine glass! But Halloween? Come on Longacres...no!!!!


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