Cake and other stuff

We popped over to Longacres this morning to pick up some cake.  Hubby wanted some of the scrummy lemon drizzle to take to work as he has a very important meeting today and it seems Waitrose cake didn't cut the mustard.  The girls and I headed off and also had a bit of a look around.

They really liked the Halloween display and said some of the features were 'really creepy'. My particular dislike is anything clown. Yep, I'm one of those people who hates clowns.  The whole 'IT' masks hanging there I could happily have taken down and jumped up and down on. Heaven help anyone who turns up at our door on 31st wearing a clown mask (you have been warned)!  I did get away with buying nothing more than a couple of witches hat hairbands though - phew!

The bakery area is one of our favourite parts.  The girls chose their cakes (yep, the 'usual' ones) and then we got some huge bread rolls for lunch.  Only one problem with the bakery that I noticed - the croissants. I have a nut allergy and they had the plain and almond croissants in the same basket, touching each other.  No go for me I'm afraid but hubby had asked for an almond one, so he was in luck.  I think I must have picked it up a bit like people pick up their dog's poo!  I literally held a plastic bag over it and scooped it up, turning the bag inside out as I did so, so I didn't have to touch it.

We then went and got some beads that you can use on top of plant pots for decoration. I wanted them to put into a glass bowl that hubby had bought.  It's sitting on the shelf in the lounge so I filled it up with three different types of beads, layered, and put a little string of white flower LED lights into it as well. It looks really nice now.  Not sure whether smaller lights may have been better, but I can always get some next time.

I also bought some fake tealights that flicker.  I like these for a little candle holder I have in the lounge.  They look really effective in the evening and give a cosy glow.  Since we've decorated, I'm always looking around for little 'homely' bits and bobs.  Nice to have the house feeling fresh again.


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