Sunday, 2 October 2016

New furniture

Our new suite arrived on Monday last week and we love it.  We ordered it from DFS as, believe it or not, they had a sale on!  I know. Amazing right? Anyway the delivery chaps arrived about 8.30 in the morning and were the nicest people.  They got a tip and well deserved it was too as they brought everything in carefully, unpacked it and took the rubbish away.

The girls adore the swivel chair and we all love the corner suite.  It's just so comfy.  Although we did like our leather one, now that the girls are older (although I'm not sure they drop less crumbs), it's nice to sink into a warm, material suite as opposed to the chill of plonking yourself onto a leather sofa.

The lounge looks bigger now with everything rearranged. I really like the new layout.  We've only got one more room to decorate - the dining room. Hubby is going to start on that one this week he informs me (is that before or after fixing your two motorbikes and tidying up the garage and put the new racking up in there?).  We'll see.

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