No Man's Land

Saturday afternoon we went up to London to the matinee performance of No Man's Land by Harold Pinter. I was very excited as it had two actors that I love in it; Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.  I'd managed to get the tickets for £10 each. We were up in the Gods but who cares!  When I saw the show advertised, there was a press release saying 100 tickets would be made available for £10 each and guess who got 2 *grin*.   This appears to be an amazing achievement as hubby checked out the prices of the show on Friday before we went. If he'd had a stool, he'd have fallen off of it.  Guess how much....£150 (or more) per ticket!  What?!  I actually thought hubby was exaggerating (he is prone to that at times - he had a kettle that must have cost a million pounds when we first me I'm sure).  I even looked it up myself. He wasn't. Talk about feeling a tad smug.

We nipped up on the train so parked in the station car park. I was expecting £10 for the day but oh no, on a Saturday it's £2 for the day.  Perhaps we should buy a lottery ticket today too?  Luck seems to be on our side.

We arrived quickly (it's an easy journey for us) and went off for a light bite and a drink first almost opposite the Wyndham Theatre, which is where the show was. 

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Very excited as it came to show time. The two stars were absolutely brilliant and the lines had us laughing out loud as an audience.  As we were right at the back at the top (see pic) we saw a lot of the top of their heads. It would have been nice to see the expressions too but I'm happy for £10 a seat. You wouldn't want to sit there if you suffered with vertigo though.  There were people standing behind us as well and bar one or two seats we spotted, it was a full house.

I can't honestly tell you what the play was about as I haven't got a clue.  They seemed to be drunk and waffling in the night scene and boasting about having affairs with each other's wives in the morning scene.  No matter, it was good and they are a great pair to see. 

It was about halfway through that hubby turned to me and said "I've just realised it's Magneto and that other chap". I give up....!


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