Monday, 31 October 2016

Oh Christmas tree

Decided to pop down to Longacres this morning and get a new artificial tree. We've had our existing one for over 13 years, and apart from one year when we had a real tree, it's been used every year since.  It's still ok but hubby and I decided that a new one was in order.  It's certainly looking very Christmasy down at Longacres now!

They had a great range of trees but I think I hadn't anticipated just how pricey artificial trees were. The one I was immediately drawn to was nearly £200. OK, lower the expectations a bit.  Found an Arctic Spruce that was nice (and, most importantly, within budget) so bought that. 

Collected the tree from the Click & Collect area. The box is a lot smaller than that of our current tree so will be a lot easier to get into the loft!  Girls were excited about it when I got home so that's a good sign.  

I noticed that Longacres are already taking orders for real Christmas trees too!  Order before 20th November and you get 10% off your real tree.  I've made sure I've passed that message along to friends who have real ones.  I'm also looking forward to their open evening which is in November.  Just awaiting the date!

Oh yeah...I also bought cake.  


  1. Hope Longacres sort out their parking for the open evening as it was a shambles last year.

  2. Oh my goodness. Halloween is barely upon us and there are Christmas decorations! Looks lovely though. I was also shocked at the price of artificial trees, especially when you can get a real one for around £30. Might have to stick to real for a while instead.