Flying, Ski-ing and Surfing

We were down at i-Fly again today.  S and J were doing another indoor skydive and N was having her first ski-ing lesson (not that we're going away ski-ing - she just wanted to do it). As usual, S and J did really well. J got a 'high-fly' this time but the instructor was not qualified to take S up.   Bit disappointing we thought at first....but he really made her day in other ways - he got her doing flips and spins, and let her fly up halfway on her own! How awesome was that?  Thanks Jesse!

S flying high alone!

N loved her ski-ing lesson with SkiPlex.  Hubby and I thought that she would be near the 'bar' the whole time but no, within minutes, she was halfway up the slope and learning to snow plow, stop and turn.  She was a natural.  The instructor said she could move on to normal lessons now (this was a total beginners session).  She was really hot and sweaty after 15 minutes but fortunately they have a break of 15 minutes while the  next group go on, and then swap again.  Good idea.

After all the fun of that, we headed downstairs for S and J to have a go a brush-boarding. A bit like surfing on rotating shoe cleaner brushes!  Very bizarre as you seem to wear a ping-pong bat on your hands as well.  They both enjoyed this too.  

All-in-all, another very successful trip to the i-Fly location.  There is so much to do under one roof. We've booked our return trip already.


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