Longacres Open Evening

My friend J and I popped along to Longacres Open Evening yesterday. It is always a nice event with lots going on and a good atmosphere.  First thing that struck me was that, although the car park was busy, there were nowhere near as many cars queuing for spaces.  Perhaps as the event was a little longer this year, people were a bit more spread out.  Not as packed inside either which was good for us shoppers.  Santa greeted us with a chocolate to start our wander.

I decided to pick up a few bits of the girls’ Christmas stockings today, along with a gorgeous table runner (I’ve never really had things like that before).

 I tried on one of the ‘hats’ by the Christmas trees. I was surprised to see only one left. Who would wear a hat like this? ;)

Nora Batty eat your heart out!
After a bit of shopping, alcohol and mince pies beckoned J, so we headed over there to have a drink and listen to the Salvation Army band playing carols.

Back to the Christmas decorations for a few more little bits. We loved the cute little mice and string people so a few of them were purchased, along with some ‘wobbly’ decorations.

Another smashing evening over at Longacres.  As usual, bought far more than I planned – yes, including a lemon drizzle cake (it would have been rude not to).


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