Taking your child to the wrong party

It was the girls' joint birthday party yesterday and lots of fun was had. I thought you'd appreciate this little story though.

The party was just getting started when, about 15 minutes later a little girl and her dad came in.  She was about the same age as my youngest and I didn't recognise the dad (no surprise there as I still don't know all the parents from her class).  She was dressed as Spiderman and although it wasn't a dressing up party, you know children like to wear what they want, so we didn't bat an eyelid.  She plopped her present down in N's pile and went straight off onto the bouncy castle. None of the children thought this odd. She was in full Spiderman mask after all.  She was up and down and having a great time, finally taking her mask off as she was hot.

After about 15 minutes of playing, she came over to where a friend was face-painting and was choosing her design when her father walked in. It turns out he had dropped her at the wrong party!  So, not only was she supposed to be at a superhero party (none of our girls were dressed like that), she didn't know anyone (didn't stop her joining in) and none of our lot knew her (but were happy for her to join in anyway).  Don't you just love children?

I bet the poor dad got it in the ear from his wife when she found out what he'd done.  We did wonder why N's present was addressed "To Leo" though!


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