Christmas fun

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. We did.  The girls were very excited on Christmas morning to see the new, named stockings that Santa had left them, along with one of the reindeer they had 'made' at Lapland UK.

Favourite presents this year?  Snap-circuits for N and Time Shock for S.  Two great fun things.  Also, Screwball Scramble turned out to be a big hit, even for the adults (competitive Time Shock was also played).  Nice to have a variety of games for a change.

The little ones both did well with money too and a couple of days after Christmas we headed to the shops for a walk around and for them to buy some fun things. They both chose a range of Shopkins packs - another very popular toy for them.  I also bought myself something new - a PS4 and Final Fantasy XV (I had no idea why it takes so long to download when you have the disc!).  I also bought a little rose Pandora charm in memory of my late mother-in-law.  They called it the 'British Rose' but I corrected them and said it was an 'English Rose'.  British Rose? Really?  Anyone ever heard of a British Rose?  I thought not!

We're having a lazy New Year's Eve as hubby is working and I'm not going out. Just going to chill with the girls and relax. I'll probably be in bed by 10! Happy New Year!


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