Garden centre shoes?

I popped over to Longacres this morning to pick up a few more little bits for the girls. They both love these new trendy 'Top Model' books. The books feature girlie pictures that you can add to in various ways.  For example, each picture is an outline of a girl and you can colour in her clothes and accessories or use the stickers provided to make your own fashion picture.  I'm not sure why they are so popular but there you go (I used to have the paper ones you folded the clothes around - remember those anyone?).  I  bought S a Manga one (I want her to try Manga drawing) and N a Fantasy Princess one.


As I was walking to the toy section, I went past the area where they sell all the wellies. Guess what they had there?  Red party shoes! Yes, party shoes (although party wellies would be an interesting concept - any farmers fancy that?).  The things you can buy in a garden centre now *grin*

Oh yes...before you ask....I did buy lemon drizzle cake too. Just for the girls of course *cough*


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