A frosty Wisley walk

We headed over to Wisley last Sunday to have a walk around and blow the cobwebs away.  It was very chilly out and rather frosty, which made everything look just that tiny bit magical.  The girls found it really funny seeing the ducks skating along on the frozen pond.

Standing on the pond

We dared the teen to stand on the ice (having worked out how thick and solid it was) but only on the very, very edge of it - I'm not that mean to my daughter *grin*  All she'd have ended up with if it had broken would have been wet shoes (and possibly very cold feet).

Get off my phone!
We enjoyed our walk around and headed to the Glasshouse.  The butterflies are there again but we hadn't booked tickets this time. I agreed that so long as there wasn't more than a few people in the queue, we'd go in. If it was a huge queue, I'd book a time slot for another day. Turns out there were only 2 families in front of us so we were in in under 2 minutes.

There seemed to be even more butterflies this year than before.  The teen took some lovely photos with her new phone camera.  

After a good walk around, and starting to feel the heat a bit too much, we headed back outside to go home.  


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