National Trust - Cliveden House

We wanted to get a bit of fresh air today and decided to go to a National Trust property.  We opted for Cliveden House and gardens as it's only about 40 minutes from where we live.  I'd been there before, many years ago, once for dinner and once to stay the night but neither time had I looked around the grounds.

Centre of the maze
Parked up easily. Nice car park with toilets, information centre and shop.  Good to see that there were areas for dog walkers and areas off bounds for dogs; great signs 'We love dogs, just not here' *grin*.  Nice for people like us who don't want dogs bouncing around us as our girls are a bit nervous of them.  First port of call was the maze. The girls loved this and yes, we did get a bit lost but finally found our way into the centre.

Olivia, the Rainbows dolly, came too

It was just starting to drizzle a bit as we headed out but that wasn't going to put us off.  We headed up towards the house and the girls had a climb on a low tree near to it.  

Had a look over the gardens from the balcony and then went off to get a hot chocolate and a piece of Victoria sponge in the cafe.  Both lovely.  We shared two sponge slices between the 4 of us, but then had to go and get one more slice to share as it just wasn't enough.  I'll say one thing about National Trust cafes; their cake is always lovely!#


Off for a walk down to the river Thames afterwards along the road way.  Lovely house right on the edge.  What a place to live.

Its a long way up!

Phew...made it
Walked back up the steps.  The girls counted them.  They told me there were 187 steps.  Trust me, I felt every one after the first 50!  At least my FitBit has told me I've climbed 29 staircases today for that effort.

Had a look out over from the War Memorial, then walked back around the gardens to the back of the house. Up a few more steps (nooooo!) to the balcony area, and then headed back to the car via the maze again.  

Middle of the maze selfie

We'll be back in the summer with a nice picnic as the grounds are lovely.


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