Claremont Landscape Garden National Trust

N had been poorly the last few days with a sickness bug so we were keen to get out and have some fun.  We arrived at Claremont at 9.45am but didn't realise the gates to the car park didn't open until 10am. Glad others arrived behind us queuing up too so I didn't feel so daft.

Black swan
Special little hunt for information for the children today which they enjoyed doing.  We walked up to the top of the ampitheatre where there is a 'kissing tree' filling up with little hearts and messages.  

We then headed to the cottage and had a look inside. Lovely selection of dress up and games to use.

Off to the stepping stones afterwards.


Then round the lake for a nice walk and back to the other side to see the doves and ducks.  S noticed two doves touching beaks and said they were 'kissing' which was sweet. I went to take a photo as this happened....oops! Walk away...

Had a nice piece of cake in the cafe before heading home.  


We do enjoy these places where dogs are not so prevalent (and on leads).  Well done National Trust.


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