Final Fantasy XV (and other Final Fantasy obsessions)

I treated myself to a PlayStation 4 just after Christmas and as well as Ratchet & Clank and Overwatch that it came with, I bought Final Fantasy XV - which is the only game I've played on it so far.

I love Final Fantasy. My love affair with the series started with FFVII - yes, that all-time classic!  I played through that game a number of times, and ensured I downloaded a walkthrough to get every single item and beat every boss.

No obsession there then.  Well, one obsession actually - Sephiroth!  If pixels could be real...sigh....

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth
So, once I'd played FFVII, I was hooked.  I bought the earlier versions when they were released for the PlayStation. I then got FFVIII and loved that as well. When FFIX came along, I was like a woman possessed. I got my PlayStation chipped so a friend in the USA could send the game to me about 3 weeks before it was released in the UK. I took 3 days off work just to play it (with a very understanding (now) ex-husband who delivered food to my lap at intervals throughout the days).  

No obsession there then....

Final Fantasy X followed and then XII (I didn't do XI as it was online and I'm not bothered about online worlds - never really liked them) and a PlayStation 2.  Final Fantasy XIII inspired me to buy a PlayStation 3, but I never finished that game.  There was something about it that I just didn't get on with.  I got about halfway through before losing interest.  I recall the battle system being a bit odd.

Final Fantasy XV - Titan

Once again, Final Fantasy XIV slipped by me as another online game.  

So, here I am at FFXV and I love it.  Love it!  I've played for just over 80 hours so far and am mid-60s levels for my characters. I can spend hours levelling up (I know that's time well spent in Final Fantasy games).  I took 2 days off work last week to just play the game.  Such fun.

No obsession there then...

I love all the characters. Ignis is one of my favourites.  Ravus is another (even though he's a baddie).  It's that white haired thing. 

Final Fantasy XV - Ravus
No obsession there then...

I've just finished the section where I'm about to depart this fabulous land I've been wandering around and head on a ship bound to meet Lady Lunafreya again.  However, I just need to do a few more hunts and find a few more lost hunters and broken cars before I do - and get that bloody feather I need to finish a side quest (I've beaten the beastie 5 times now but no feather).

Final Fantasy XV - Gladious, Ignis, Noctis and Prompto
Will keep you posted. If you like a good old RPG, you can't go far wrong with the Final Fantasy series.


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