Swimming and Hatchlands Park

Yesterday we went along to a local swimming pool. We got there early, which was a good call as the girls got at least 30 minutes before it started to get really busy. This is a good pool where they can each go on all the slides, unlike the Woking pool which has so many restrictions on the 3 slides it's no fun at all.  Having gone on the slides together a few times, we then got into the pool as the wave machine came on for the first time and enjoyed that, before having more of a splash around.  By the time our 90 minutes was almost up, it was like child soup in there so we made an exit before the whistle for our colour bands was called - smart move.

Today we went to Hatchlands Park near Clandon which is a local NT property.  We went with my friend and her grand-daughter for a walk, but, sadly, again this place is spoilt by people with dogs that are clearly not 'under control'. Everyone seemed to ignore the 'no dogs' signs on every tree around the play area and we watched one idiotic family with their dog that raced into the cows, they couldn't call it back and when it eventually went back to them, instead of putting it on a lead, they let it run off again to the cows, who this time stood up.  Finally they got it back (it ignored all their calls) and put it on a lead. Even my friend, who has a dog, was disgusted by their behaviour. How stupid can you be?  I guess two out of two for not great times here is enough (see previous blog piece).  We mentioned this to the staff at the gatehouse who said they ask all dog owners to put dogs on leads around the cows and not go into the play area - clearly they need some wardens.

We won't go back to Hatchlands again, which is a shame as it's a lovely area but clearly not for us.  Worth another try but the dog owners spoiled it for us to be honest (neither of my girls are keen on dogs and shouting "it's friendly" as one bounds up to you is no consolation!).

At least there are better NT properties around that we've really enjoyed.


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