iFly and Skiplex

The girls had a smashing time this weekend at iFly and Skiplex.  S flew again - her 3rd one and she was confident enough to go into the holding area on her own now, so I just watched.   She did two really good flights, despite having a 'tumble' as she straightened her legs downwards too much.  She went on to have a 3rd flight and did 2 high-flies. She can't wait to go back. I'm so pleased to see her doing this and having such fun.

N enjoyed the first half of her skiing until she fell, ran over her finger with her ski and hurt herself. Took a little persuasion for her to go back for her second 1/4 hour but, despite some tears, she did it, along with the gentle coaxing of her instructor who went on the slope with her.  To finish off she had a go on a toboggan which she loved.  

She was learning to turn and did it well.  However, says she doesn't want to go back for her next lesson but I'm hoping she'll change her mind.  It's up to her, as it's supposed to be fun after all.

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