Missing hole!

I've lost it.  This is the second time I can't find the hole. Who would believe it's just plain old disappeared?  Yep, I'm going to have to make a new one.  Darn it!

I'm talking about my rotary line hole of course. Every winter I pop the rotary line in the shed and every Spring I get it out when it's a lovely, sunny day and play 'hunt the hole' in the garden.  I lost one right by the patio last year.  I mean, come on! It was there in October, complete with it's metal spike, and gone in March.  It was only 12 inches from the patio edge but I couldn't find it anywhere and nor could hubby or the girls.  So hubby popped a new hole in (with spike naturally) and life was good again.  

Spike (from Buffy). More interesting than a rotary line
Today it was sunny.  My washing was ready so I retrieved the rotary line and...couldn't find the hole! I even tried banging the ground with a spoon hoping for a 'metallic' sound from the spike.  No joy.  I thought I was crazy so I put this news on Facebook only to be met with so many friends who also lose the hole yearly. Who'd have thought it right?  

I have had some great suggestions for not losing/finding the hole.  These range from putting a stick in it over winter (probably not as I don't want impaled children), to using a magnet or metal detector to find it.  

Hubby is going to mow the lawn tomorrow to continue the search for the hole. Will we find it?


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