Flying and Skiiing (again)

Last Saturday we headed down to iFly in Basingstoke for another session of flying for S and J, and skiing for N.  We had a very early slot so less hanging around which is good.

N was on first and despite the fall she had last time, went for it with confidence again.  She had a fabulous 45 minutes skiing this time with a great instructor who was really encouraging but understanding that she was a bit nervous to start with. They ended up having fun on the toboggans.

The problem was S.  This was her 4th flight and she had a little tumble last time. Oddly though, the tumble was during her first flight and she brushed herself up and got on with it.  She had pushed off from the glass of the tunnel but pointed her legs down so went down onto the springy floor.  I was very impressed that she got back up, flew the rest of her turn, had her second flight with a high-fly and also asked for her 3rd. Brave girl.  However, this time, she wouldn't go in at all.  She cried and cried and refused.  I couldn't figure it out. I was trying to encourage her mouthing 'go for it' behind the glass but nothing would get her on. Such a shame and, if I'm honest, I was disappointed.  I know I shouldn't have been as she's only 8, but I got a bit cross thinking 'what a waste of money'.  J, on the other hand, had a great time.

I re-booked for J but wouldn't for S, even though she asked me to at reception and said sorry. I was cross.  Irrationally so I guess.  I felt really bad afterwards and checked she wanted to go next time with J and she said she did - if I went too!  No problem but it cost me an extra £10 to book online from home, as well as my flight!  I guess I need to be a bit more understanding. Mean mummy :(  But you know how it it when children are illogical. Sometimes, it does the same to us parents.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to our next 'family' flight.  N is skiing again next time and hubby is going to be photographer for the day.


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