Jack Reacher - the books

A little time ago I was looking for a good book series to read and stumbled across Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' series of books.  It seemed logical to start at book 1 and give them a go, so I did.  I have to say they are very good.  In all honesty, I suspect they are written more with men in mind, but I really enjoy them.  The writing style, the way the chapters are set out so you see what Jack is up to and the protagonist also, just suits me down to the ground.

So far I have read:

The Killing Floor (1) 
Die Trying (2)
Tripwire (3)
The Visitor (4)
Echo Burning (5)

and am about to start Without Fail (6).  Whilst parts of some of the books are a little contradictory - one minute Jack is hugging feeling concern for a lady that has come into his life, and the next he is back to stone-cold killer - however, I don't find this lessens the pace too much.

What I do now struggle with is thinking about Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the first film (let's not mention the second one as it was dire).  Whilst I really enjoyed the film having NOT read any of the books...now that I know Jack is a tall, big guy (250lbs or so), Tom doesn't measure up.  Not to worry though as I now have my own mental image of Jack from the books which is good as it means, for me, the writing is strong enough to get over any preconceptions.


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