Friday, 7 April 2017

Wisley Lindt Bunny Hunt

Today we headed over to RHS Wisley with our friends to hunt for golden Lindt bunnies.  The girls enjoyed going around the gardens searching them out. I have to say, they are set up so not much 'hunting' is required - ideal for little ones then.

A bit too easy to spot?
Orchids hanging in the glasshouse
Busy noting bunny locations

At the end of the hunt, each girl received a miniature Lindt golden bunny.  Unfortunately, neither of my two like Lindt chocolate so all the more for me and hubby then *grin*.

Wisley has quite a big area sectioned off for works. They are building a new entrance. All sounds good except for one part...which seemed to imply there could be some kind of park-and-ride going to happen?  I hope they don't make the car park too small now as by 11am today, it was packed and the overflow was getting full too.

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