Chiropractor helping migraines

You may recall that migraines have become a permanent feature of my life in the past 18 months or so (Merina coil issues, continuing migraines, and the migraines are back posts to name but a few).  Having had a particularly nasty one around 5 weeks ago, during which I took almost 20 tablets in the day to try and stop it - Imigran, Codeine, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and Metoclopramide - I was feeling a bit stressed out and, despite the migraine finally subsiding, I had a 'chemical headache' for 2 days afterwards.  Not  surprising given the amount of tablets I had to take.  

My teen, J, was rather worried about this and was looking up migraine treatments.  We'd already discovered the ear piercing but it wasn't something I was keen on as I'd also read an equal number of negative comments about it's effectiveness.  She came across a study of the benefits of seeing a chiropractor for migraines.  This is something I'd not considered before.  However, it seemed a good option and I decided to go for it.

I looked up a local chiropractor - Mark Walles - based in Woking and booked to see him.  I honestly wasn't sure it whether it would help, but having had as many migraines as I had (and was having), I was fully prepared to give it a shot.  After all, anything that cuts down the migraines or means I have to take less tablets has to be good right?

Image  credit: Mark Walles Chiropractic
I had my first session with Mark 4 weeks ago.  I completed a form to tell him all about my medical history and the problems I was having.  He asked lots of questions and felt that he could help, explaining the often the cause of the migraine was from misalignment of the spine and therefore the nerves being pressed upon. My neck was really tight and stiff when he assessed it.

It also appears that my lower back was out of alignment - most likely from my riding accident donkey's (or should that be 'horses') years ago.  He popped that back in, which felt much better (but afterwards like I'd been kicked in the back for a few days!).

Mark did some work on my neck to relax the muscles and tendons and then kind of manipulated it back into position. The creaking and cracking in my head was quite bizarre! However, I did feel like my neck was less tense afterwards.

I've seen Mark twice a week now and can honestly say my shoulders feel more relaxed and my neck less stiff. I certainly don't creak (as much) when I turn my head left and right.  It's not a miracle cure.  I have had two migraines this past fortnight, but they have been less severe and rather than focusing on my head and the pain in there when they occur, I rubbed my neck and focused on that and they eased off much faster.  I still needed some medication, but nothing like I had been taking!  Yesterday I had a migraine but only took 1 Imigran and 1 Metoclopramide tablet, and it had eased off in a few hours.  That, for me, is a real result!  

So, I believe going to Mark and undertaking some chiropractic treatments is helping a lot.  I would recommend anyone trying a chiropractor for migraines (or bad headaches), especially if you're having to take the number of tablets I was and being laid up for a day or more unable to function properly.  I appreciate it won't work for everyone, but it strikes me that doctors often focus on the symptom, not the cause.  Getting to the cause must be a good thing right?

I'll keep you posted on how I'm getting on.  


  1. Wow! I would never have thought of that. Like you, I've taken a lot of different pills for my headaches/migraines so I may well give this a go. Is it expensive?

    1. It's certainly worth trying for your bad heads. It's dreadful just taking all sort of tablets isn't it. I guess it's not cheap but it's worth it. The one I go to is £39 for a 15 minute session (cheaper if you 'bulk buy'). 15 minutes doesn't sound a lot, but believe me, you'd probably not want any more than that ;) Good luck!

  2. I think the ear-piercing is great. It's helped me enormously. It's not to painful to have as well. You should give it a go.

    1. Thanks but I did some research and decided it wasn't for me. Glad it's working for you though :)

  3. Have your migraines stopped now? I'm curious to know whether this really works as I'd like something other than pills to help me.


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