Linkin Park- One More Light

I'm a huge Linkin Park fan and have all their albums and have to say that, so far, I've enjoyed every one of them (well, the remixes on reanimated aren't so great but that's not a 'real' album is it).  Even A Thousand Suns, which many people didn't like, I found fantastic.  I loved the experimental style, the dialogue between tracks and the mix of light rock and the heavier Linkin Park style.  Different, but a really good album.

I received my copy of One More Light yesterday and whilst out on my walk today, I decided to give it a listen.  I can honestly say I was very, very disappointed.  I'm all for bands growing, improving and changing but this really is a major change.  If it wasn't for the recognition of the voices, I would never have said this was Linkin Park had I heard it playing somewhere else.  Sorry Linkin Park, but it really is poor.

With the exception of Heavy - which I quite like as a pop song - there is nothing I would choose to listen to again.  I thought that there was hope when Battle Symphony started but that quickly drained away.  Invisible, along with Heavy, are probably the two best songs on the album.  

I really hoped that the hype was wrong but sadly, on this occasion, it seems to be the case.  The first Linkin Park album that has been a real disappointment.


  1. Sadly I agree. I'm open to LP no longer being raging, angsty teens and didn't for a minute expect another Hybrid Theory of Meteora but I certainly didn't expect the whole album to be like this either. I confess to hoping that a few with a bit of a 'roar' would be on there. Like you said, if it wasn't for the style of voice, I'd never have recognised it as LP either. Such a shame but good luck to them. I'm hoping the next album will be better!


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