Skiing and Flying (or walking)

Not out on the slopes, or throwing ourselves out of aircraft, but down at iFly and Skiplex in  Basingstoke again.  This time I went along. I can safely say I have zero flying ability.  I thought I wasn't too bad but this flight showed me I was.  I simply couldn't 'relax' enough to get any height. Oh well.

S was practising her walking in the tunnel this time, which she really enjoyed.  She had a high fly too.  The video of the instructor showing her how to run at the end was very funny.

J was awesome.  That girl really can fly!  She was practising turn round and moving forwards/backwards, up/down this time.  She's got it! 

N wasn't feeling great (and being her fairly usual grumpy self) and decided she didn't want to go skiing, so when S had finished flying, she had her first ever skiing lesson.  How is it that children just seem able to do these things without too much thought about it?

I decided not to book again this time as we're off on holiday soon and probably won't be coming back for a couple of months.  I know it's less cost effective to book afterwards online (more money and less flying time) but that't the way it works sometimes.  Shame they only give you 'on the day' options to get the flights for £29.99 each for 4 minutes.  It's a lot of pressure to do it there and then.  Come on iFly - we've been flying a while now. Surely you can offer better return flyer options than £39.99 for 2 minutes!


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