Take your child to work day

On Thursday of last week it was 'Take your child to work day' and S came with me to my workplace at university.  I work in the Careers Service (along with some teaching) and although it was a day I didn't work, I popped in for a few hours with her.

Settled her down after introducing her to everyone and she helped me get some information into a spreadsheet first of all.

Then she went and printed off some certificates I needed to do and did a bit of shredding for one of my colleagues.

Finally, she was helping with a book audit by counting each type of book in 4 different locations in the office.  It was after counting the 5th book type she came up to me and said 'I don't like doing this mummy, can we go now?'  Fair enough, but I didn't want to take her straight home so decided to show her around.

We headed down to Imagine which is a coffee shop with fun and funky furnishings. She loved trying the stuff out and her favourites were the over-sized deckchairs.

We then went into Founders Building and I took her to the library. Very busy with students studying for their upcoming exams but let her have a walk through (she got a lot of smiles).

Then we walked around the quads and headed back to the car.

She did enjoy her time but I guess it would have been better if it was a full day of my normal work.  Hopefully it will be next year.


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