Virgin Holidays - Pick a price, any price

I'm fuming today.  We are off on holiday with Virgin Holidays soon and decided we wanted to upgrade our room. I phoned them up to confirm they had an upgrade room available - check - and got a price of £552 to do so - check.

Now, unfortunately Virgin have had to move our hotel due to the original one we booked not having balconies suitable for children.  Not an issue as the new one is very nice as well.  However, upgrading then isn't a simple task as it has to go through some other department.  So, after explaining this to me, I wanted for 'Anthony' to call me back.  I originally called at 9.20 this morning so by around 1.45 I called again.  The agent who answered said he was waiting for the department to get back to him.  Around 2.30pm he called.  They could upgrade me fine but the price had now gone up to £980!  WTF?

I queried this - as any sane person would - and was informed by Anthony that this was the price that they intermediary could get the room for.  I began to get irritated. How could he give me a price this morning of £552 and then come back to me with something close to DOUBLE this afternoon?  He said that was the price.  I informed him I'd spoken to the hotel directly and could upgrade for US$640 so where did they get that price from.  He said it was the price they were given. 

I asked for it to be queried. Apparently it had been. 

I asked for the price he gave me this morning to be honoured.  He could not do this.

I asked to speak to the department who were sorting this. I could not as they do not take calls from the public.

What a joke!  When we first had to move hotels, we asked about an upgrade.  We were told then it was £480.  We decided against it.  So today, to be told £552 - with changes in exchange rates - I found quite acceptable.   But this last figure of £980 was farcical!  

I queried whether they are now trying to recoup the money they have had to pay in moving us to a more expensive hotel - with balconies safe for children?  Anthony informs me that was not the case as the discount we got was still on there. Something here is very, very fishy!

So, Virgin Holidays, what the hell are you playing at?  Why do your staff give a quoted amount and then you do not honour it?  Do you allow your staff/departments to pluck random figures out of the air?  Really?  I think not!  So, come on, I'd love to know how the price jumped to this in a few hours!  Where's you mojo in sorting this out Virgin?


  1. That's a really poor show from Virgin. Did you get to upgrade in the end? I'm not sure Virgin are as good as they were years ago. No more 'check in, chill out' and less service quality. Not to mention that the prices aren't far short of the likes of BA now! Hope you have a good holiday though.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm pleased to say we did get the upgrade directly with the hotel. Something to bear in mind in future I think ;) I did notice no more 'check-in, chill out' which is a shame, along with some routes vanishing. I'm hoping Virgin are still as good as remember as I've not flown with them for about 8 years now.


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