Geocaching with friends

Had our first walk out geocaching today for quite a while.  One of our friends was interested in getting started with geocaching, so we went out with our children today to show her the ropes.  Our first of the day was Sweets Round 16.  A nice, quick find for our 8 year old, showing the others what to look for.

Nos. 15 and 14 we let our friends hunt for as we'd already done those.  Our next to get was 13.  At first we went the wrong way, then worked out where we had to be. A quick spot by our 6 year old for this one.

No. 12 we decided to look for, despite many DNFs now on the logs.  Found the suspect(s) but nothing there. Even had a little dig around to check under leaf litter but no joy.   No. 11 was an easy spot for all the children as it was out in the open. We therefore covered it a little more to hide it better.  We spotted these lovely butterflies/moths (no idea which) all over some yellow flowers.  Anyone tell us what they are?

Swarming with these butterflies/moths - but what are they?
No. 10 was another quick find for our 6 year old who certainly has her cachers eyes on today!  Signing these all as a 'team' today as our friends are going to set up their own geocaching account.  No. 9 was a great spot for our friend. We were all hunting in all the wrong places and then realised that the logs said that the GPS was accurate.  

So our friend L went in to hunt and spotted the cache. Here she is delighted with her very first 'full find' - and jolly well done too.  I think she could be hooked now!  We also came back with a huge carrier bag full of golf balls.  Seems the golfers are very careless and lose a lot of them.  The girls loved collecting them along the way.  Double fun.


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