Smiggle - pretty, but is it practical?

My girls, like many others across the country, have become obsessed with Smiggle products.  I'm not really sure why, other than the fact that they all seem to 'smell' and are often quite over-priced from a parent perspective.  However, as they are good at saving up their own pocket money, this is where they choose to spend it.


Pencil case


We have quite the collection of Smiggle items.  Some of which I don't object to, such as the rucksacks which are £21 each and are a great size and even have space for a 15" laptop in a separate compartment (not that they have such a thing mind).

The water bottles are nice too with the big selling point to children of the 'spray' feature.  Great for hot summer days at school.  However, I'm doubtful of their durability if they were dropped as they seem to be designed of shattering plastic (say a few friends whose children have had them).

New lunchbox

One of my daughters takes a packed lunch daily to school and just before the start of term 2 this academic year, we bought her a Smiggle lunch box.  It was a nice size, carrying handle, separate compartments, knife/fork holder (if you have a baby knife/fork only though) and, of course, she said it had a lovely smell.  It's also relatively well insulated.  However, after only 2 terms use, it is beginning to wear out at the bottom. She certainly doesn't drag it around so how it's got like this is mystifying.  It sits in her school rucksack and then sits on a shelf in the class until she takes it to lunch. It's then put back in her rucksack until it's time to go home!

2 terms of use and it looks like this!
Yesterday, she wanted a fidget spinner from Smiggle, which, again, she purchased with her pocket money.  This cost £5 and lasted....1 hour!   By the time we got home and she played with it for an hour, it was broken. I'm very unimpressed by this and now have to go back into town, and pay for parking (Woking won't even give you 30 minutes for free!) to take this stupid piece of plastic back. Not a happy mummy.

Broke in 1 hour - dangerous
So, whilst Smiggle do some nice things, I question their longevity and whether I will really be letting my girls buy things in there any more.  They've had Skip Hop lunch boxes and rucksacks that are now nearly 7 years old and still going strong with almost no signs of wear, despite being used day in, day out, taken geocaching, outdoor learning with school, etc.  I somehow doubt the Smiggle stuff will be around after that length of time.


  1. I so agree! My D loves Smiggle but she also had one of those fidget spinners that lasted a couple of hours. What's the point of that? Her water bottle also smashed to pieces when dropped on the playground - something children that these items are aimed at are likely to do!

    1. Glad it's not just us then. As it's grown in popularity with the children at school, it seems to be the brand everyone wants but at what cost to us parents (or to their pocket money). I wonder if Smiggle will comment at all on this?

  2. Over priced rubbish. My daughter has bought quite a bit of this stuff and none of it has lasted for school. Ive returned more items than we have now. Always keep the receipt - youll need it!!!!

    1. Lesson learned after yesterday when I had to rummage through our recycling bin after a few hours to fish out the receipt.

  3. My son loves the boys stuff but I agree, the quality is poor. His lunchbox lasted less than a term before the bottom started to fall apart. Clearly a design flaw. Smiggle weren't interested and said it's wear and tear. Not for nearly £20 it's not!

    1. My point exactly. A lunchbox should last more than 2 terms. Even a cheap one from Tesco or Sainsburys lasts longer and costs about a quarter of the price. It's nice stuff but not if it's not fit for purpose right?


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