Warner Bros Studio Tour - Harry Potter

Now that my two youngest have seen all the Harry Potter films (maybe somewhat controversially as the later ones are age 12 but hey, I know my children), I decided to take them to Leavesden Studios for the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  

They had no idea at all that they were going so it was a big surprise when we turned off the motorway and headed to the studios. They thought they were going to have a look around a studio (as we have family and friends who work in that business) so as we turned in and they saw the signs for Harry Potter, they were beyond excited.

The tour was fantastic. I've been before when it first opened (see this blog piece) but now they also have the Forbidden Forest area, you and 'leviosa' a broomstick, and you can sit in the Weasley's flying car any time you like in the back lot.

There's also the chance to go into Harry's house in Privet Drive and, of course, butterbeer is on sale (we didn't try this).

You can also get to Platform 9 3/4 and board the Hogwarts Express.  There is a carriage dedicated to every Harry Potter film with some props in it.  

It was a wonderful day out. My only minor criticism would be that whilst all the broomstick flying against green screens was going on - and each section was being used - where you purchased the photographs and DVDs wasn't fully manned, which meant a bit of a wait with children who were starting to get impatient.

Of course we popped to the shop afterwards and cuddly toys were purchased.  Definitely worth a second visit if you had gone before the new attractions as we had.


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