Saturday, 12 August 2017

Claremont run-around

Our friends took us over to Claremont Landscape Garden today.  We all fancied a bit of fresh air and for the children to have a run-around (and hopefully wear them out a bit).  Our first challenge for them was to run up and down the ampitheatre area in a variety of ways (straight, zig-zag, etc) which they happily obliged by doing.  

We then went for a walk around. Shame the 10 pin bowls was locked up but plenty of dressing up in the house.  Sad to see notices around that said children had damaged items in the house so could parents supervise.  Our girls are very well behaved so we sat on the bench whilst they dressed up and came and showed us what they were wearing. We went in to help them put it all back on the hangers properly before we left. 

A quick go on the stepping stones and then around to the play area - which was packed!  Both of us parents felt that the play area needed something more. It's all well and good for imaginary play, but if you're a child on your own - as many were - there's nothing much to do.

We then went up the walk area to the bench overlooking the lake and the girls went off to build dens.  We chatted for a moment and realised it was a bit quiet behind us.  They had disappeared into the trees as they found a teepee.  They were having a great time playing together and climbing onto trees and jumping off.

These gardens are so nice.  We were both a little surprised at the craft area which, to be honest, was overpriced for making a crown of bendy foam with a few stickers on it.  Hence, we didn't bother as our children were probably a bit old for doing that. I'm guessing it's aimed at very young children.

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